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The Wyckoff Historical Society was formed in January 1974 by three Wyckoff couples. Bylaws and a charter were drawn up and meetings were held at residents’ homes. The first public meeting was held June 29.

Today, the Wyckoff Historical Society still abides by its original mission to research, preserve and educate about the rich history of Wyckoff, New Jersey. We meet about every other month at the Larkin House.

We invite you to take a trip into the past when Wyckoff was farmland, mills, and pastures. Read about the early settlers who built the stone houses, churches, schools and businesses that formed Wyckoff. Although most of the farms and pastures are gone, many historic homes remain, tended carefully by current owners, and giving you a peak into Wyckoff’s history. The next time you drive around Wyckoff, drive a bit slower, and remember Wyckoff’s past.

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P.O. Box 73 Wyckoff NJ 07481 USA