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Contact: Austin Jaffe
Work 327 Franklin Ave Bergen Wyckoff NJ 07481 USA Work Phone: 201-425-4000 Website: Bach to Rock

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Bach to Rock is THE Music School for students of all ages, skills, and musical interests. Encompassing everything from classical to rock, as well as DJ, audio engineering, and early childhood programs, we feel that learning music should be a fun and enriching experience.

We base our method of music instruction on the knowledge that students learn best when they play the music they enjoy most. That’s why we use special arrangements of today’s music to help students become proficient instrumentalists or vocalists as well as seasoned performers. At B2R Music, individual music instruction is combined with band instruction that leads to regularly scheduled public performances, “Battles of the Bands,” and recording sessions in our professional sound studio.

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327 Franklin Ave Wyckoff NJ 07481 USA