Wyckoff wins the Outstanding Achievement Award for Community Traffic Safety from the North Jersey American Automobile Association (AAA)

The Township of Wyckoff was awarded the American Automobile Association’s Outstanding Achievement Award for its continued and consistent efforts of the Wyckoff Police Department in improving pedestrian safety throughout the community. Some of the safety programs include: periodic reviews of crash data to review cause and make possible changes, assist school officials in working to develop and maintain safe traffic patterns in school areas, reviewed school crosswalk locations and made engineering changes at some to improve visibility and overall safety. The Wyckoff resident newsletter, “Municipal Update” regularly includes safety guidelines in addition to periodic public service announcements issued by Police Chief Ben Fox. Patrol officers monitor intersections for view obstructions and other hazards. Wyckoff truly believes in the three “E’s” philosophy in traffic safety – “Education, Enforcement and Engineering.” The Police Department continues to look for new ways to improve safety within the Township utilizing all three principles.