Township Of Wyckoff Business Recycling Notice

The New Jersey Recycling Act requires municipalities to annually report the amount of items (recyclables) re-directed from the garbage stream to recycling.  Your assistance is requested.

Please contact your recycling vendor and obtain the list recyclables and the volume of recyclables that your business recycled in 2010.  Send this information to Scott A. Fisher, Recycling Coordinator, 340 Franklin Ave., Wyckoff,  NJ  07481 or fax: 201-891-9359 or by email to

Recyclables include:

paper, cardboard, tin, scrap metal, glass, aluminum beverage cans, plastics #1-#7, food waste and any other item that can be directed from your garbage to a recycling market.  Recycling not only saves resources, it can result in cost avoidance.  Please consider joining the Township in its residential Nifty-Fifty effort by decreasing your garbage volume by separating from your garbage items that can be recycled.  Please go to and click on recycling guide for Wyckoff Businesses for a complete listing of items that can be recycled.

Thank you.  For any questions, contact Maryellen at 201-891-7000, ext. 101.