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Contact: Terri Fiori
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Terri Fiori, principal designer, brings the standard commercial practice of evidence-based design research to her residential projects, making her one of the most unique and highly-sought after interior designers in the New York metropolitan area. With an extensive background in product design and development, Fiori flawlessly integrates solid business acumen with unparalleled creative finesse to fashion award-worthy spaces for a diverse range of clients.

Behind the scenes, Fiori and her team coordinate research, design elements, artistic talent and showmanship into proven systems resulting in smooth-running, stress-free projects that continually exceed clients’ expectations. With a strong conviction that personality is the cornerstone to great design, Fiori’s eyes are always open for inspiration. Whether it’s scouring New England antique shops, visiting home furnishing trade shows in North Carolina or frequenting showrooms in New York City, Fiori has the flair, the fortitude and the intellect to turn each project into a one-of-a-kind sensation.

Fiori Interior Design opened its doors in 2001 and has been recognized in NJ Design magazine, Asp1re and Bergen Health and Life as well as featured in The Bergen Record’s Ask the Designer and the Sunday home section of The Bergen Record.

Fiori lives in Wyckoff, New Jersey with her husband, three children and their Jack Russell Terrier, Winston.