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Welcome to New Jersey's Wyckoff Chamber of Commerce website.

Our Wyckoff chamber membership is made up of more than 120 merchants and professionals who do business in New Jersey. These members play a key role in assuring that Wyckoff is a fine town to buy house in the New Jersey areas, live and take advantage of Wyckoff business opportunities that our membership offers. As an organization, we are dedicated to providing our members with the highest level of customer service, competitive prices, business membership discounts, business name availability, business recognition, business legal advice and the convenience of everything you could ever need close to home.

Shopping local has numerous benefits as a member of the Wyckoff Chamber in New Jersey, including:

- Extensive product knowledge in Wyckoff business in New Jersey
- Personalized touch
- Ensures the vitality of your own downtown Wyckoff business zone
- Provides a strong commercial tax revenue base helping to offset the need for residential tax increases in Wyckoff, NJ

Aside from establishing and participating in local charities, the Wyckoff Chamber of New Jersey works diligently to keep members in touch with each other and up-to-date in local Wyckoff events and state business news. Along with other chambers in New Jersey, we are working on a law that would permit health insurance companies to offer business membership discounts to chamber members and treat us like a large group. The web site is also a useful resource of contact information for local residents and Wyckoff business members, which will give you an opportunity to also introduce yourself to the members, your business name, and all the business opportunities you can gain as a Wyckoff Chamber member.

Our monthly Wyckoff events and meetings include speakers from all walks of civic life including political, economic, educational, charitable, governmental and of course, the business in New Jersey community on both local and state wide. This will also give you an chance to introduce yourself to all our Wyckoff business members, your business name, and take advantage of any business opportunity you can gather from these activities.

As a member of this organization for over ten years, I have learned an extensive amount of information from our Wyckoff business members and the various guest speakers. We invite all business in New Jersey members and the community at large to attend our breakfast events, to meet our members and learn more about the business benefits of being a member of the Wyckoff Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey.



President: Howie Felixbrod
201-891-1331 - Blue Moon Mexican Cafe

1st Vice President: Steven Fultonberg, CPA, CVA

845-356-6100 - Goldstein, Karlewicz & Goldstein

2nd Vice President: Russell Grimm
201-560-0861 Edward Jones Investments

Secretary: Eugene Luccarelli

Treasurer: Darren Lilley
201-891-3500 - Bergen Brick Stone & Tile

Business Administrator: Barbara Petruccelli



Howie Felixbrod

201-891-1311 - Blue Moon Cafe

Steven Fultonberg CPA, CVA

845-356-6100 - Goldstein, Karlewicz & Goldstein

Russell Grimm

201-560-0861 - Edward Jones Investments

Eugene Luccarrelli, CPA


Darren Lilley

201-891-3500 - Bergen Stone Brick & Tile

Jay Vidockler
201-891-3711 - Chocolate Etc.

Nancy Schuring
201-848-8489 - Devon Fine Jewelry

Dale Defino
973-569-7278 - The Suburban News

Marie Kidd
201-848-4545 - Columbia Bank

Douglas Padla
201-896-4500 - Booth Movers

Robert J. Shannon Jr
201-891-.7000 - Township Of Wyckoff

Penny Budesa
201-891-2400 - Boiling Springs Bank

Bob Meneve
551-427-2988 - Viridian Energy

Pamela Abma
201-891-0278 - Abma's Farm Market

Tom Murphy
201-891-0700 - Green Lion Digital

Jeff Bier
201-891-0990 - Cartridge World